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Site not ranking well on google


My site has been up for a number of weeks and still isn’t ranking that well on google. It’s still on the second page. I’m relatively new to webflow so I presume i’ve made some errors with the SEO settings. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.

View the published site here
And read only link here

Thank you!

@Sheila.Mc - most likely it has nothing to do with Webflow. SEO is a mix of content, site settings, html tags, time, backlinks, and more. A few weeks is a pretty short amount of time for changes to occur in Google, it appears your site is being indexed, so the next steps are to either wait or spend time learning how you can make improvements to your content and generate backlinks to your site.

@Sheila.Mc my main background is in SEO. I would be happy to help answer some questions for you.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to ranking. Most people are aware of these basics so I won’t list all the boring details here.

After a quick crawl of your site, I do see there is some room for improvement in page titles and meta descriptions.

I use Ahrefs as my main SEO tool for checking many different metrics. According to Ahrefs database the domain only has one backlink. If there are already some “brand” profiles established for the business, it would be very helpful to make sure those profiles are optimized and links in place wherever you can add any.

I noticed this link was in the description on Apple podcast. This website is basically competing with the one you just finished.
Of course these are just a few things I noticed at a quick glance.

I love talking SEO and helping others. If you would like some direction I would be happy to give some feedback specific to your site, goals and current web assets.

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