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Sitemap.xml - covarge errors/warnings issues & exclude collection pages


Scenario: home>team - Inside this page a collection-list of 50 team members - without seperate page (post) for each team member.
Collection: team members (slug “team”)
Items: 50 collection items (tom, mark, anton, lorem…member 50)…

webflow will auto-generate-sitemap 50 pages (empty pages)

  • /team/tom
  • /team/mark
  • /team/anton
  • /team/team-member-50

Than under google console the spiders will “go crazy” and the site get a lot of covarge errors issues -or Warnings


To avoid indexing - The classis solution is to block pages by Disallow: /folder-name/ robots.txt (or by meta tag in the head) - but this also will cause errors (Beacuse you block pages Which appears on the auto-generate-sitemap).

** auto generate sitemap set to off is not practical solution for medium-big projects.

Any ideas/wishlist -or- trick to solve this issue?


Looks like you need to edit the sitemap.xml output then upload that as a custom sitemap. Unless I am missing something, webflow needs to provide an a sitemap exclusion option for collections in the collection settings.


Thanks. Related. I find this wishlist topic (From may 17):

Automatic Sitemap Improvements