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Skip to main content link

Reading everything I can find about links, skip etc on the Forums and University and the WWW, but can’t find a way to simply add a .

I would like the skip to go to the (only) H1 on the page.


I’ve got my link at the top of the page, and I have a Heading.

I’ve given the Heading a role=“main” but that’s not creating any kind of anchor point to link to.


Here is my public share link:
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I came to the same conclusion too. This is what I came up with:

var h1s = document.getElementsByTagName("h1");
h1s[0].id = "skipto";
document.getElementById("skip").href = "#skipto";

It assumes there is a button with id “skip”.
It renames the first h1 (should be 1 anyway)
Then sets the “Skip to Content” button’s href to the newly named h1 tag.

interesting. where do you put this code? In the project settings??
I would think a link with id “skip” rather than a button (it’s called a skip link after all!)
I’d also name the H1 “main”, so we can “skip to main”

I like this a lot. Hopefully makes things easier to set up without having to remember to give the id on every page