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Slide Up Contact Block & Slide down Sticky Nav Bar - FlyCMS



I am using FlyCMS. I cannot find where I need to go to make my design edits to the slide up contact block or the slide down sticky nav that seems to appear in place of the standard regular nav bar on one of the pages in this specific template.

I see them listed under symbols as Scroll Header and Contact, but when I click the pencil icon (edit), I get a pop up that reads 'Edit Symbol' Name with a field called Scroll Header. And 'Save'.... why would it display this before I make any edits? I don't want to break anything so hesitant to do anything till I know more. I just want to manipulate the presentation with my design.

Thank you.

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These elements are actually classified as symbols. I think some of them are linked to display as a cohesive unit with block elements. - However, Webflow says if I double-click in the Navigator I can edit. But yet, I only see the linking items listed out in the navigator and no editing space where I can manually update the styles.

Any advice for this? Specifically the contact content block that slides up to display on any given page when that link is selected from the main nav bar.

Thank you.


Here's the answer as it was a bit unclear in the tutorials. After selecting, you click the paint brush icon, and then choose the display icon - meaning, click off of the eyeball with the strike through. Now you can view and edit! Make sure to click the strike-through eyeball when finished to mask/hide your Contact fly-up screen again.


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