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Slider Arrows Customization


I am trying to customize the arrows in my site for the slider however I can't seem to make them stay at a margin of 29 px from the left and right of the slider.
If I could move their location withing the slider that would make life easier using flex, however they are unmovable so now I don't really know how to solve this.

Anyone got any ideas? :frowning:

Here is my public share link:

Here is a link to see the live site and what happens:


Like this?

Ditch the flex.



But I meant more like this:

Where the arrows are 29 margin from the carousel so that if there aren't enough items they're still close.

Thank you!!



Thanks, but on the media page I did it with sliders, it's a bit different since you can't move the slider arrows:

How would I go about in doing this?


You're not showing me a screencap of the media page do you?
How am I supposed to know where I look? I had to search for answering your initial question...


I apologize, I thought that by sharing the link that meant in that page.

I am new to this forum and apologize for any mistakes I make, I will make myself more clear next time.


I missed that link I'm sorry :slight_smile:

So, where are we on the arrows now? On your last message what you say and show seems to be different...

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