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Slider draggable and slide to next column - one column at time



As I say in the title I would like to be able to drag through slides with the mouse and slide to the every one column and not all of the columns in a slide.
Please see this example, on the “whats’on page section”:

Is it possible to show one colum at time?



I’m certain that’s the Swiper slider, which can be done using custom code



Yes that’s what i want to do.
Can you tell me what custom code is this?



I mean, can we build this on webflow custom code??


Hi @Helena,

Yes, I’m sure it can be done using Custom Code. See Individual Page Head Code section in this article


Thanks Samliew!

Is this code i have to insert?
I really want this to work please!


For instructions on how to use this third-party plugin, you’ll have to look at the documentation.



I explore this and it worked!


That’s great! :slight_smile:

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