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Slider issue.... please need urgent help


i am working on a project where in ... the three views (except mobile-smallest) works fine with a slider horizontally... i have added approx 7 slides inside the mask with 2 links in each slide...
when i come to the mobile, i need the slider to function vertically instead on horizontally... is it possible to have slides one below the other.. if yes please show me a tutorial or tell me how... when i work around the link block and img manually they are placed one below the other.. but the slide is still empty on the next horizontal scroll...

Please advise


Hi @misskanimate, could you share your public site link (Enable Public Link button from site settings) and then paste you link here, and we can go take a look at it and suggest help or give you some advice to use.

Cheers, Dave


Hi ... thankyou so much for your reply... but i found a different style and changed the look accordingly for the mobile potrait view... took time.. but worth it... thanks so much again...


On another note... i need to make my NAVBAR with a transparent background image.. but all iget is an opaque version of the bakground.. please advise..


Hi @misskanimate, thanks for your update. On the Nav Bar background image issue you are having, can you share your public link, and we are happy to take a look smile Cheers, Dave