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Slider Layout Option


Guys, can you help me achieve this kind of layout using slider?

I need a kind of slider with at least 4 blocks inside without the pagination on the bottom part.

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I @lestergonzales

Great question.

You can customize the slider element to be a carousel slider—showing multiple slides at once. Here’s how to make a slider that shows 4 slides at a time:

  1. Add a slider
  2. Select slide 2 and delete it
  3. Select slide 1 and set it’s width to 23% and add a margin of 1% on the left and right
  4. Copy and paste the slide as many times as you need

See this video:

Note: If you need to edit the slides to differentiate them from one another (e.g. different background images), you can add a different combo class to each slide.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks, But i was hoping for a slider like this that cut the last and first slide content


You can do that the same way, just make the slides a bit larger (say 30%) so the last one is cropped. But that won’t crop the first one.

Or, you can create a custom slider. That might be a bit tricky with arrows though. Another way of creating such a slider is using scroll. Here’s a helpful tutorial that can help you build a slider that works on scroll:

Hope this is helpful.