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Slider not working as expected



I've created a slider containing 3 slides, each slide contains a row with 3 columns. In each column i've placed an image.
I didn't add any interactions, it's supposed to just slide non-stop.
What I get is a slider, in which the slides are "jumping" from one to the other and not running smoothly.
Can anyone help hear?
This is my link:
and the slider is called "team gallery slider" and it is in the "about" page.

Thank you,


Hey @Naama

I have you recently changed your design on the About Page as I cant see the Team Gallery Slider. Are you able to send over a screenshot of the section your having problems with? Thanks!


Hey @tim.

Can you please re-check now? I think I forgot to publish before.
The slider is inside "team gallery section".

Thank you,


Hey @Naama

I can see it now. I think the problem is caused by the "Timer delay". It creates a conflict with having it 0 as I think it assumes the transition will be shorter than the delay.

It may be a better option to create this via an interaction "move" tranistion on an element with a series of photos inside. getting it loop from a particular point may require a bit of experimentation though.


Hey @tim

I've set the timer delay to be bigger then the duration and the problem is solved.
Thank you very much for your help!


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