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Slider start from slide #


Hi guys!
I want Slider starts from the middle of the image gallery. I have 20 images and i whant slider starts at 10. Did i miss somekind of checkbox in Slider setting? Or Is it possible with code only?

There is a way to start on slide 2?
Slider. Initial slide

Reply to myself :slight_smile:

In Custom Code - Footer section place code :

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#sliderId div:nth-child(slideNumber)').trigger('tap');


$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#gal1 div:nth-child(10)').trigger('tap');


Hi @Reacol!

I’m trying to implement your solution but i can´t get it working.

Since the name of the div is “nth-child”, do i need to name a block with this text? (i did the propoer thing with the slider name).

thank you very much for your help!.


“nth-child” it is not the name of the div!!!

The name of the div should be used after “#” (see first pattern of use - #sliderId). If you have done this - the rest of the method is to specifiy slideNumber. div:nth-child(slideNumber)


Thanks @Reacol!

I presume that the name of the div (#sliderId) should be the same of the entire slider? or just a slide?.

Sorry no to good at this, i did everything you said but it´s not working for me :frowning:

Edit: i notice that the code appear in the botton of the page, so i think there is something missing…14


Try real demo. Find differences in code and whats missing.


Tried this but it still wont work. Has something changed since?