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Slider with CMS images


Hello again. OMG I'm posting questions all the time lol. I hope you don't mind yet :wink: Anyways im trying to figure out a way to insert a dynamic list into a slider. So the problems is:

  1. Dont really know if there is a certain button to use to make the list into a single picture. No columns.
  2. How to make every slider show a different picture from the collection. Is it possible?

Webflow CMS and Background Images

Hello @sanies90

  • add dynamic list to the page
  • connect to collection
    -go to dynamic list settings (settings panel)
  • choose "full width layout"
  • limit collection items quantity to 1

With slider it is possible, but not easy way. You can't make slider automatically "pick" images from collection.
What you can do is:
- add dynamic list on every slide,
- limit items to 1 and pick image from collection.


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