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Slider with count


Good Luck, I’d say @Siton_Systems is right, there’s no real way to add the counter in WF that I can think of. I’ll eat my crow, the counter is brain straining. Easier to find a slider script with a counter. Any other way may take way too long to deal with. You probably don’t have much time to get this done. If I find a slider with a counter, I’ll holler back.


After thinking about the effort, It’s probably best to use a tabbed setup to give users the opportunity to click the info they want to see, then get a visual and the can read about it. A button/tab will allow them to see what their choosing, and chance to slowly read and absorb the content. Just thinking how you can make this more impactful. Hope that helps. Check some stats on sliders. Of course, just opinions but researcher and stats can help you decide. It’s a lot of work, I’d use tabs or static image with text descriptions.

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