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Slideshow Centering


Hi, my images are not centering up between the arrows. They look centered in the preview mode, but are off center when I open up the site in a new window. Please see the images below for your reference. Your help is appreciated!

Preview Mode:

Actual Site:


Hey there, thanks for reaching out.

In order for a forum member to identify the issue we will need your website share link


Here you go:


no one has gotten back to me regarding this issue. Please advise. Thank you


Hi @hawkinsmc, I took a look at your site, and in terms of the images used, you can assign the image a class, and then set the left and right margins to auto:

Check each viewport to make sure you do not have some fixed margins or paddings that cause the slideshow to not center. Let me know if you have any questions smile



Thanks Dave! I was able to center everything u, BUT now I having trouble with how it looks in the different viewports. I have attached screenshots below. I am actually having a difficult time with how my entire site looks in the different viewports. Any guidance on how to fix this? Thanks!!!


Hi Dave, just trying to get some information on the above post. I am also having trouble with the paragraph being cut off in my slide show. Picture below for your reference


Hi @hawkinsmc, I am taking a look at this smile I will get back to you with a response shortly smile Cheers,


Thanks Dave! Appreciate your help with this.


I'm having another problem too on the Artaire page. For some reason one of the paragraphs is centering on the page. It has the same class as the other paragraphs so I am not sure what is going on. I've tried removing the image below but that did not help either. I've attached a screen shot for your reference:


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