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Slow site speed and lagging after including vimeo videos

Hello guys,

i included some vimeo videos on my site, but they seem to have a massive impact on the site speed. Google PageSpeed Insights says that i should “remove unused JavaScript”.

I noticed that my site loads faster and has less lagging when i put the video in though the HTML Embed element, so this is what i did instead of including the normal video element.

But as i said, i could not launch the site like this. Way too much lagging and slow loading. Please recognize that the video elements exist twice because of desktop and mobile position.

How can i fix this big problem?

Here is the normal link:

Here is the Read only link:

Thank you for your help

Any idea, guys? This would help me a lot.

Still got no solution for that. Does anyone know what to do, to make vimeo videos lazy load?