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Small One Pager with Video Background - CAPYI Connect


I never get around to posting my websites it seems.... glad to finally get a chance smiley

For my day job we needed a micro/promotional site of sorts to advertise a Mapping Project my Organization is working on, so I whipped one together in Webflow.

Any comments or friendly critiques absolutely welcome smile

I still have a few things left to tweak like adding a favicon and so forth but almost done.

(Original Webflow Address:


Hey dude, awesome website! Nice video too!

I wonder what you used to make the text animation? I have tried to impkement that on my site but wont get it to work. Any ideas?

Keep up the good work smile



I am glad to see that you were able to fix your navigation issue. It is a really nice looking site. I found the small text on the map hard to read, it gets lost in the map. Increasing the text size a few pixels might help. Just my two cents.


@Daniel_Remes Thanks for the kind words man smile
When I get a free moment I'll give instructions how to get the text working wink

Getting typer.js to work.

Okay so this is how I did it for this site. > download the files. The only file you need in the .zip that downloads is "jquery.typer.js"

Upload the jquery.typer.js file to your web host or use if you don't have one.

Head over to your site settings page in Webflow and navigate to the Add Code page.
Paste the below code into the "add before < /body > tag"

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://LINK TO YOUR jquery.typer.js"></script>
<script>$('.typerheading').typeTo("Enter here what you want to be typed");</script>

Now open up your webflow designer. Drag in a heading, or text block - whatever makes sense to use - and delete all the default placeholder text so its empty. and make sure the class you enter in the designer for the heading/textblock is "typerheading" (as shown below)

Let me know if it works, hope all goes according to plan for you wink


Thanks @Davidn! @cyberdave gave me a hand. Thanks for the feedback smile
In terms of the map text, is it the popup text (shown below) specifically that you're finding too small or something else?