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Small UI bug with the List component


I deleted the second from last list item but the number didn't change...

But it rendered fine when published...

No biggie, just though you might wanna know.



Hi @Kia

Thanks for posting about this! This looks like odd behavior for sure.

Is the issue still there when you refresh the designer?

I attempted to reproduce this but could not, can you please share the steps you followed to get the bug?

​Thanks in advance, and I'm standing by for your reply.


Just as I said, I has 7 items, deleted the second from last, then the last moved up but kept the number as the 7th list item.

I didn't refresh the designer, but open another file, then back to this find and it was still there till I closed the designer and opened it again.

I think a refresh might have resolved it also.


Thanks for the extra information.

I was able to reproduce it on my end! I'll let the team know and we will investigate a solution for this.

Thanks again for your help on this!


Glad to be of service!


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