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Smooth/Ease Scrolling


Good day.
I’ve seen quite a few threads on here that seem to ask the same question, but am yet to find a solution to how I can achieve this. I’d like my website to have a sort of “automatic” scrolling effect that’s smooth, as seen here:

The scrolling effect I want is without clicking any buttons, and simply by scrolling normally by using the scroll wheel.
Is there any way I can achieve this? And if so, how?

Any help is appreciated.

[P.S] I currently don’t have a read-only link as I’m yet to start working on my website


As far as I know, the using something like this:
Do you mean something like that?

There are a lot of thread talking about that,
but I’m not clear as well how to achieve those smooth one-page scrolling fx.


Yes, that’s what I’m looking for, except a bit faster (though I assume that shouldn’t be hard to change). I’d really appreciate it if someone could go through how I could implement that into my site.


Sorry for the double post, but I’m still looking for an answer. Could anyone help me out with this?


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