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So has The Wishlist been abandoned?

“Enterprise plans”…that’s all you need to know. I’ve yet to see a company tackle enterprise that hasn’t seen a fall in small business support. I don’t just mean responsiveness of service, but diverting resources to the features that actually help small business become efficient and productive. A newly found round of millions in funding and basic features requested for years are still not addressed. I expect an exacerbation in these matters.


I do not see this until @callmevlad mentions this thread in his reply to another post.

Yes! I am so excited to hear this.

This is the very key reason that clients are not convinced to use Webflow for e-commerce. I believe it is essential to any serious online shop.

Btw, I also think it is important to raise or remove the limit of items for nested collection list.
Currently, it is only 5… which makes this excellent feature almost useless.



Wow, I can’t believe they deleted it. That leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Come on guys, don’t go censoring people for calling you out. This is how companies fail.


Fast forwind → 2031, interview with Vlad in WIRED

We started this company Webflow which we wanted to disrupt the community. We did very well. After a few rounds of injected capital we had to shift our focus more and more towards those of the investors. Meanwhile we neglected the voice of many users. Other start ups caught up on us and the rest is history.

Please dont let this be true


I recently read this good article on the rise and fall of InVision. It should be a sobering lesson to the Product People at Webflow.

InVision was in everyone’s mouth. They had all these ambitious plans, including actually building their own design tool. They were doing conferences, had their own publications and merch. All they concentrated on was getting enterprise customers, which they got, including us.

Now just a few years later we just cancelled our enterprise account. Apparently, we are not alone and people are leaving in droves.

What was their biggest mistake? They didn’t listen to their customers and didn’t actually build the things people asked for. They put all their efforts into everything BUT their product.

Here is the article:

It kind of reminds me of this situation.

Don’t get me wrong I love Webflow and what it can do. But all it takes is a worthy competitor, which there is not really currently. Bubble is already a much better choice if you need more functional things, rather than just a nice portfolio or static site, which is what Webflow themselves seem to think is their main target group. But all those people that make portfolio websites for themselves, also actually need to build websites for clients. And if you client says they need a website in more than one language (like you would pretty much anywhere outside the US) and then you have to tell them there is separate service you have to pay for an log into and all that, they might not be happy about that.

As you can see with Wordpress and many others: the best way to quickly have people be invested in your platform, while also giving people what they want, is to have a solid plugin system. Wordpress would be long dead without the millions of plugins, a lot of which are actually very good. Sure, you create some new problems and the usability is not always super great, but I’d sure much rather have that, then having to do a half hour video on translations and explaining why there is a different tool and how they work together and having to constantly justify the shortcomings of Webflow to my clients.


So right, and interesting the article mentioned folders when we’ve been waiting years for similar functionality in asset management.
I have seen website companies receive investment before and completely lose the plot; primarily the addition of brand new features at the expense of stability…

I just created some folders for assets in Webflow the other day actually. What are you referring to?

Yes, but it was pretty much top of the wishlist for years! It;s the reason I never used webflow for image-heavy sites.

Because I almost missed it – Webflow recently announced their “Q2 Community Update” in a month and a half from now. You can register to join at that link.

We’re excited to bring back quarterly sessions with our CEO Vlad Magdalin and other leaders from the company. In these sessions our community can look forward to hearing first-hand about our company news, initiatives and roadmap updates.

Join us on Wednesday, April 14th at 11am PT for a live session covering features we’re working on, programs we’re developing, and where we can use your help and input. Register below and submit questions beforehand from the link in your confirmation email.

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