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So You Can Make It Look Pretty - But What About Data Handling?


Hey all – jumping in here to provide a little more perspective from the product team’s perspective.

First, I just want to say that we appreciate candid feedback, and are happy to have channels like this (and the Wishlist) where we can discuss these responses with you all.

Better understanding your needs is the only way we are going to be able to keep pushing Webflow forward.

And there is no better way for us to learn more about how we can provide you the best solutions possible – your most significant needs, biggest pain points, etc. – than to give you something to actually use.

Which is what this Beta is all about. As @brjohnson eloquently put:

Point being, this is only the beginning. We’re starting with where we excel (enabling complete design control without code) and expanding from there. That means there is a lot to come on the store owner/management side of the platform.

And instead of waiting until we have everything that other platforms offer to give you an ecommerce product, we’re giving you the tools to get started, with the promise that we’ll be continually releasing new features in the weeks, months, and years to come.

In opening up Ecommerce to the Webflow community now, we are hoping that as you all test, try, and actually use it, you will continue to provide us valuable feedback and insights – here and in the Wishlist – that will actually help us prioritize and add all of the additional features and functionality you need.

Which is exactly what this thread is – you helping us learn about how we can make Webflow Ecommerce better, based on your early experience with this Beta release. And I, for one, am very happy that we are getting to have these conversations, and get this information now, rather than months or years later. So thank you!

And a couple of quick notes on some of the other details mentioned:

@WebDev_Brandon – A number of the new Ecommerce Zapier Triggers and Actions should be available for use as of yesterday! There are new Triggers for New Order and Updated Order, Actions for Fulfill Order, Unfulfill Order, Refund Order, and Update Order, and you can use all of the existing Actions for creating or updating CMS items with the Ecommerce collections as well. :zap:

@jdesign – Pagination truly is coming soon! :open_book:


@kkilat so will we need to rely on Zaps to handle the pieces like Refund Order and Update Order? First off, I don’t like that Zaps are associated with Webflow accounts and not sites I don’t think it’s scalable. Unless, clients have their own team account and pay for an extra account seat. It seems like most of these things should be doable within Webflow e-commerce. The price really starts to climb for clients if they need an Team plan, seats and e-commerce.


Hey Webflow:

  1. Thanks for being “pretty” (read: usable for users)
  2. Thanks for listening (read: no one else does unless you are a big gun).
  3. Thanks for putting me in control of creating what users actually need.
  4. Thanks for getting us excited about design again.
  5. Thanks for bringing me back to designing while letting me flex my Dev skills.
  6. Thanks showing the web world what the web should be even when some are still trapped and cannot see past the old guard
  7. Thanks for doing your part in making the web and design more accessible
  8. Thanks for helping me save my clients money
  9. Thanks for helping me get my clients back to actually updating their sites as a task instead of goddamn chore!
  10. Thanks for continuing to be better.

I’m able to see past my own shortcomings. If I’m not satisfied with what you’ve got, I can always go elsewhere. But I’m going to stick around. Why? Because I’ve used THEM ALL. I’ve been in this game coming up on 20 years.

I see you! :eyes: Keep doing your thing! Those of us that get it are here for long haul.


@snappercridge How do I like a post twice!? :thinking:


I’m also interested if it’s possible to integrate Chinese supported payments, such as Wechat gate and Alipay gate. please let me know if you are planning to, that would be huge advantage.


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You could create a sale price. Just add previous price to your product and enter the sale price into the Webflow generated price field. Then it just comes down to a matter of design. Display the previous price right next to the sale price and strikethrough the previous price. Should take no more than a few minutes to accomplish.

So you can’t have a true discount by offering coupons or discount codes but depending on the size of your store and the required number of discounts you can create additional products labeled as discounts. It’s not the best workaround but it works.

I agree with needing the Buy Button or Add to Cart being available across the entire site instead of just on the Product Template Page. Without a custom code workaround, it requires the user to take additional steps which may slow down the purchasing decision.

I was using Foxy as my cart system before and loved their custom functionality. Josh (from Foxy) is also a great help just like everyone from Webflow.

Not kissing up there but just saying I haven’t found a more transparent company. Maybe they should add that to their Webflow vs Shopify page.