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Social Media Icons (custom)- How to activate


I am starting a website for a client and have custom social media icons at the footer. I am not using the convenient Facebook, Twitter and G+ elements found in Webflow's elements panel because I want to use custom icons. If it is possible to use the WF elements and exchange the default icons/buttons that would be great. If not, how do I actually make these social icons active. I don’t know what to insert in the Link Settings to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated.



Hi Steve, Steven here! stuck_out_tongue
Do you simply want to link your clients specific Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages?


Hi Steven,

Hmm, good question. I am not sure actually. The client said they wanted the website to link to social media. I will have to find out from them what they are looking for. But, let’s say that I want to have a visiter click the Facebook icon and have them share the kayak site through their FB account (like how the Webflow social media elements work, I guess), what would I enter in the Link Settings?



Not sure about that. It seems the most common way people use these social icons is to link to their specific pages of whatever social media they are present on. For Facebook it would be their Facebook page, for Instagram it would be just the page with their photofeed etc.

Getting user to share the Kayak site through their account will need som external code probably.


Hi Steven,

Sorry for the long time in responding to your post. Thank you for your post.

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