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[SOLVED] After change of slug name, both slugs available



some days ago I changed the slugs of several pages. Now, those pages can be reached from both slugs/URLs. Shouldn't the "old slug" generate a 404 error?

Webmaster Tools report Dublicate title tags and Meta Descriptions, because the old and new slugs lead to the same page. Any ideas why both slugs are still working?



I have been having the same issue ( and what seems to be possible at the moment is a workaround: redirect the old slug to the new one.


Ok, thanks.

But is there a reason why the old slug still exits?

So renaming is not a "rename" but a "dublicate using a different slug"? That would mean that all current and recent slugs still exist and all old slugs have to be redirected to the current slug?


Hi @michael, could you please unpublish your site, then republish and see if the issue still persists?

Thanks in advance and I'll be standing by for your response!



Hi @cyberdave,

problem solved wink! Thanks a lot!!!

Does that mean that I should always unpublish and republish the project after changing the slugs to ensure that old slugs get deleted?



Hi @michael, yes, at the moment, that is what you will need to do, to remove those smile



As long as I know what to do ... thats perfect smile



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