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[Solved] How to add background text color?


Hey guys, would somebody teach me how to add a background color to the text, like in this images?

My research pointed that I should use a span, but I don't even know how to actually implement it.

Diogo Faim


Hi DiogoFaim,

just apply a class to your text, headline a.s.o.

Then change the "display setting" to inline block.

After that just apply a background-color to that class, and voila ...
(with the help of padding you can add some space between the font and the background boundaries.




Hi Daniel, thanks for the fast reply.

I tried what you said but the background color extended after the text finished. The desired result came with the display setting "inline". But by doing so, I lost control over the text padding and margin, which began to show some weird results. The solution was to use the text container's padding options instead.

Here's what I got:

Really appreciate your help, wouldn't manage that by myself.

Diogo Faim


Could you please provide a public link?