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[SOLVED] Same collection item / two columns?



I would like to design a featured collection like the one on the picture (which I designed on illustrator). Is it possible to make the same collection item occupy two columns (the right one with title and following paragraph and the left one with the image)?

I believe I could do this by duplicating the collection list a using one for image and one for text, but that doesn’t seem right. Neither does making crazy padding adjustments to make those align horizontally.

Does anyone have a better idea for this? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:



Absolutely. For some reason I can’t access your read only link. Can you share it again?



My bad! :


No problem! Let me check


You want to have the collections on your home page right?


Here’s a quick video where you can see how I’m making the two columns layout inside of a collection list.

Feel free to ask if there’s something you don’t understand.



Damn, that’s impressive. Thanks so much!!