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SOLVED_Trouble with adding section to current layout


Hi There

I've made a top navigation header that seems to work well in a responsive layout, but now every time i try add anything underneath that in a new section i can't get it to display at the's always overlapping my top navigation header.

If i try position absolute it's great on tablet and mobile...but desktop its like way at the bottom. I don't know why? Any ideas?


"Hero Row" set height to auto.


Thanks very much for the help. That works. Appreciate it!

Do you know why there is a 5px white gap between the 2 sections? I'm trying to make it flush.
I know i can probably adjust the top margin to -5 and make it flush....but surely it should be flush by default. I don't know want to cheat the structure if its not neccesary...or is that fine to do that? I just want to build something solid.

Thanks again!


I would just add the negative margin.


Ok Great...thanks! Just wanted to make sure i hadn't done anything stupid.

Appreciate the help!

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