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(SOLVED) Workaround or better solution for flip animation


Hey fellow Webflow creators :wink:

I made a website (not my design, make sure to wear protective goggles!!) for my customer:

share link:

The problem:
These flipping cards (made up from collections, with this tutorial from webflow have links on their rear side, which can’t be accessed in IE11:


This is how’s supposed to work:

Unfortunately the customer’s user base uses this browser a lot.

My question:
How can I either make it work in IE11, or how – alternatively – can I show a different frontend for IE11?

I’m not a developer but I have seen that this simple but ancient way of detecting it with HTML-Snippets like<!--[if IE]> doesn’t work any more after IE9.

Or maybe there’s a better way to create the flip animation in the first place, that’ll also work with IE?

Any feedback is highly appreciated as the customer is putting pressure. Thank you!


In the end I solved it with a script, that shows an entirely different page to IE, using @Daniel_Schultheiss script I found here: 3d transform not working on IE10/11