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Somehow the linking to my blog is wrong


In the beginning of our Webflow journey we started posting blog posts under “post collection” and not “blog post collection”. I don’t know why, but that is the case.

Now, because of the SEO settings for Blog posts vs. Posts I wanted to change to start using the “blog post collection” when creating blog posts. The problem occurred since we already had 6 posts showing on our blog by using the “post collection”. Now, I can’t get blog posts created using the blog post collection to show on our blog. Is there a way I can choose where the /blogg page fetches its posts from?

I have done work around at the moment with redirects from /blogg to /posts

Also, I think my read only link is for the first project I made and not the one that is live at the moment.

Here is my read only link: Webflow - Takk for sist

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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