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Sorting is not working [SOLVED]


I am sorting results under the Button "atelierlijsten"
But i does not seems not work?


Shared designer:


Hello @Koen,
Could you be more specific, which way you tried to show these results? Right now there is no content under that button.



Hey Sabanna, your right!
Hereby a good subscribtion about the problem!
Many thanks!

Link to my question on video


Video is not opening to me :confused:


Well well.. i specialy made a video for Sabanna.. and it does not open!! :joy:
its correct that the video is slow... but here it works! :disappointed:

I will type it!
When your go the the button: Atelierlijsten
Click there on the button: Modern

You will see that the sorting is not A till Z...
But the in "Designer" there is "Sorting A-Z"

I am not working with colums, so that is not the problem.


Ok, I finally watched the video :smiley: and got what is the problem.

Weird that only few items do not sorting properly. Could you check this 3 items name (product code), please?

Is it possible that there is space or something? ... Something wrong ONLY with this 3 items code


Hi Sabanna,
it was indeed a spacebar!!!!!!!



Glad I could help! :smile:

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