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Sorting not working properly

Hi there,

I have an issue regarding sorting. I made the sorting so that my clients added items went from A - Z, working as expected.

After a while my client asked me if it was possible to move some items up the list.

I solved this by adding a switch and in the sort order I made it like this:
“featured is ON first”
“name, Alphabetical (A - Z)”

I then flipped the switch for an item and it worked wonders. But when I flipped it back to “OFF” the item is still displayed first.

I’ve drafted all the items and published them again but the issue persists. I can’t even explain how this is possible unless “the CMS for some reason thinks that the switch is still ON for that item”.

Excuse my somewhat bad English but I hope you understand the problem.

Hi @albinlang. What i do if i need to be sure about the sorting i always add a field called sortorder.
It’s a numeric field and im always using steps of 10 or more for each sortorder.

That makes it possible for me to put an item whereever i want it. What i do miss in webflow is a way of building my own indexes.



I see how that could be a workaround @JanneWassberg and if I can’t get this figured out I’ll probably take that approach. But since it’s a client I’d prefere if they could just use the switch instead.
Mostly I’m kind of surprised it first seem to work but when I toggle it OFF it still is as if it was still ON.

I’m having the same problem. Works when it’s off, but won’t change back to the right order when the switch is off. Is it a bug or am I missing something? Did you figure it out @albinlang?

Same problem. May 2020.

Same problem. Sept 20…