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Sorting pages inside project


I think that sorting pages in alphabetical order or maybe some sort of filtering would be great. I mean, the current view looks really great, but it gets very difficult to navigate around when you have 25+ pages.


Agreed! We're working on something that will enable this.


I'd like to just be able to drag the pages around to manually reorder. Thanks!


Looking forward to this, my project is getting difficult to manage. Any idea of a time frame?


We're hard at work on some other big features but we hope to start working on this soon.


Hi, I was just wondering how far are you guys with implementation of this feature. It is really getting hard to navigate around all those pages. Also, can we expect more than 100 pages per project anytime soon?

Thanks, keep up the good work!



I'd really want to see the folder-like ability for pages. So I could have something like:

 * Page 1
 * Page 2
 * Folder
   * Page3
   * Page4
 * Page 5

That could lead to the urls like which could help with categorizing stuff ;)


@jhotujec @SophiaVUX @cam - just wanted to let you know that we have page sorting in beta as of a few minutes ago smiley


Oh, stop it you blush
That is great! You guys are the best!


I can't reorder my pages at all. I try to drag and move them into position, but they won't move. Help!