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Splitting domain name over two hosts


I want to make the move to Webflow for a client project that require a CMS. I would like some more information about the logistics and best practices of adding domains though.

Say for instance I have a client’s home page and a blog hosted on Webflow and this is accessed by their custom domain. what if I still need to host additonal files, and other pages on a traditional hosting platform with cPanel?

Would it be best to point the to Webfllow and keep the pointing at traditional host with a 301 redirect to the

I could still have pages on the traditional host for example while being able to add additional pages to Webflow e.g.

Basically I want to be able to use the same domain name on both Webflow and traditional hosting with cPanel, I just want to know what the best way to do this is, is there a better way to achieve this, is there anything to be careful of/ or would be considered bad practice?

Thanks in advance

Nobody has ideas on this?

We did something similar:

  • moved the to Webflow (we don’t use the domain without www.)
  • created a on a ‘traditional’ hosting service for files and other ‘custom’ webservices we need.

The 301 redirects you then need are set up within Webflow’s (!) site settings very easily.

Thanks for your response Norbert, very appreciated :+1: