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Squarespace - Exporting Blogs


Has anyone had any experience migrating their Squarespace blog across to Webflow?

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Does it have a CSV export? If not then you have to manually copy and paste each entry over.

This is why you don’t use proprietary software that doesn’t let you export your data.


It exports into xml - is this do-able still?

My second option is to keep the site as a third party blog site and moving my business domain across.


Webflow only does CSV imports. Perhaps you can look for a programmer to convert the data for you.


Hello! I have the same need… I need to import an xml file (what Squarespace exports) into a Webflow collection. Anyone have some knowledge on how to make this happen cleanly? I know that Webflow imports a csv file. Any creative ideas out there to get this done quickly?


I did a quick google search for convert xml to csv and found this:

I haven’t used this yet, but maybe you can give it a shot? Convert your XML to CSV, then import that CSV into Webflow.