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SSH or FTP into our website servers


Hi Webflow Staff,

As the title suggests i would like to ssh or ftp into the website server currently this is a deal breaker as i need to host elsewhere :frowning:.

Is this in the pipeline?



Great suggestion, @Ahmadz839 :smiley:

Can you specify the case where you would need this type of access? With this info, we can make a better informed decision on how to go about implementing this

thanks :smile:


Yeah these are a few reasons:

  • Want to upload custom files like pdf or word files which webflow currently does not support
  • Add or modify code beyond the the custom code section



I'd like to second this, especially the custom file upload capability. Yes, we know it can be done through AWS or Dropbox, but it would be way faster and easier to do it directly through webflow.


I also second this. FTP access is really needed here guys. I would host all my sites here if you guys could implement it. My customers would like this also for large file sharing capabilities.



Hey @PixelGeek

After watching todays Q&A while you were discussing about this with Mat and said that you don't think this should be added as Webflow is not about coding i thought to myself that you are completely right and coding is not why Webflow is built so i think it might be a better option to make a GUI to upload files into our website so that we can get a direct link to that file and can add file downloading features in our websites :smile:

About modifying code what i meant is i need a white label feature in the html code as even if we have a pro account it only deletes the top part of the code but its not a full white label feature so if we can put in a company name and it changes all the class names from w-class name to first letter of the company name ex. c-class name also the folder and file names anything pretty much related to Webflow changes to the company name. :smile: