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SSL Certificate with WebFlow and GoDaddy


Is this effort hard to do… I have a Ecwid Store embedded into the Webflow site… But when customers go to the site it says the site is not secure… I do not know why WebFlow does not offer SSL Certificates Anyway … any suggestions on how to do this without Messing up my Emails with Google etc.

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I’ve never set up an SSL cert with Go Daddy but this pricing is insane. I made a video which might be of interest to you where I show hosting a Webflow site with Firebase which gives you a free SSL cert for your site that get set up automatically.


Webflow Team Helped me with the correct SSL DNS Records,

Here is the Web Flow Email Fix…

Thanks for getting in touch about the SSL, I am here to help. It looks like the domains are currently pointed at our non-ssl servers. You will need to update the domain dns settings to point to our SSL servers, you can see those records here:

Once the dns records are updated at the domain registrar or service where your domain is managed, it should publish correctly.

I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist further.



Its built into Webflow but you have to change the DNS to the Secure DNS Records… Which I did not know.

Because, What I don’t Know is A LOT.