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SSL checkout for e-commerce


Hi guys,

I want to integrate stripe into my webflow site, it is just a single product, so need a way to get paid and was wondering how can I get ssl integrated? Thank you.


Hi @Lizagub, thanks for your question. We do not have SSL connections right now in Webflow. If you need some ecommerce provider that allow you to securely accept payments, I would use Paypal, Paystand, Ecwid etc. which allow you to use embed code to create payment buttons that are connected to SSL payment gateways (not in Webflow).

Cheers, Dave


Hi Dave!

Thank you so much! I just signed up for paystand, going to give them a try


Cool @Lizagub, I have heard good things about Paystand. When Webflow gets to ecommerce capabilities as a feature, we will surely let everyone know smile


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