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Sticky Secondary Nav



On my 'About' page, I want a secondary sticky nav below the primary nav.
Currently it is sitting below the hero and when I move the section up, it seems to disappear..

Screenshots here or check the About section on my page.

Bonnie :smile:


Hi @bonnieforsyth, thanks for the question. In your design, are you wanting the whole section with the columns to be sticky or just the one link? I am happy to take a look at this.

Another thing that might be helpful, is for you to look at the demo kit site where there is an example of a Sticky Nav menu that you can view, how it was made:

Page is Sticky Navigation.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dave

Trying to make the 3 links (Mission, Team, Facilities) in the blue panel, stick under the main navigation - as a secondary nav, just for the About page.

Does that make sense?


ps. Screenshots give more of an idea.. think the Read-only link is being a bit buggy.

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