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Sticky sidebar nav not on top


My sticky sidebar nav is somehow stuck behind or between layers, making it render behind content and not clickable in its "sticky" state. Why? I think I've tried z-indexing everything. Help!

Preview link:



Please Share your Webflow share link:


I was hoping someone would have a solution without me having to share that, but no worries, I added it to my post.


Move challenge-menu-sticky inside of centered challenges container details flex, but above challenge-content-section.

Otherwise, set challenge-menu-sticky z-index to 9999. However, this will make it overlap the content section.


Wow, thanks @samliew, that worked! I thought I had tried z-indexing challenge-menu-sticky, apparently I hadn't. Gah. Brain tired. Thanks!


I also did say that it would overlap the content section, so now content in the blue section will not be able to be clicked or selected.


Ah, I see now. Also it's still inexplicably partially behind the content:

Tablet view:


I'm giving up on this. I'll do stickynav a different way. Maybe sticky.js. Thanks for your help @samliew


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