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Still able to scroll horizontally?


When i add a second section to my site, i get a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of my site. Anyone know how this can be fixed?

Also, on internet explorer it's behaving very weirdly:

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Could you be more specific? vertical scroll bar will appear because page become longer than browser window.


I know, the scrollbar isnt there but if i add a new section it appears. Even if the section 2 has a width of 100vw.


Are you talking about HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL scroll bar?


I'm sorry i forgot to publish, try the links now and you will see a horizontal scroll bar. And yes, i mixed up horizontal and vertical, sorry for that :grin:


Remove 100vw from sections width and scroll bar will disappear


I just created the 100vw to try to fix it, and it didn't so it won't work :confused:


Remove 100vw width from both sections, leave it "auto"


Aha, removing 100vw from section 1 fixed it, don't know why it fixed it though.



There is a little line on the left now though, can you see it?

Do you know how to fix this?


Sorry, I do not see any line :confused:


Hard to see in the image but here it is:


Here I see it, but really, I don't know how to help you :confused: I am sorry. Settings seems ok, maybe it is browser issues


Yeah probably, if you see the site on internet explorer it's 100x worse than this tiny line :confused:

By the way, if i set the hero transparent image to fixed it doesn't stay fixed when i publish it, it's only fixe din the preview window of webflow.


Hi @DharmaNode, I took a quick peek at the site, and now all the elements seem to be missing from the page.


Huh, very strange. Works fine for me:

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