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Still cannot change nav menu font colour



I still don't get this. I have never, ever been able to change the font colour in a nav menu. ever. I've only been able to build a new menu from scratch if i want to change font colours. I looked at the shared site, followed the suggestion of changing to another colour then to the one I want and nothing happens. I've refreshed the page, published at each step but zero change happens.


Hey @DragonDon. Let me know if this helps. First double click the header to get access into the header symbol, then navigate to an individual nav link element. From there, give it a class of "navlink" (there should be a global "navlink" already in place to use) then manually change the color to white (even if it seems to be set to white).

Hopefully that works for you!



Thanks Riley. What a weird thing. That worked yet I am pretty sure I went through each of the levels and told them ALL to be white text and nothing changed anything. What a weird bug.

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