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Still no way to customize CMS templates?

I’m making a portfolio using a Collection and I want to use a Collection Template but customize some of the projects by adding things or even just changing the background color. Who uses the exact same layout on every single portfolio page? That’s just boring. And not very functional, if like me you want to display a custom Case Study for each client’s very different problems and solutions.

Why can’t I just add a sub-class to a collection template so that only that individual page is affected?

Seems like people have been asking for this for years. I’ve searched numerous terms and looked all through the Forum but it looks like there’s still no easy way to do this.

This solution (from 2016) does it with iframes, which never seems like a stable idea: Multiple Templates for Collections / Custom Pages for Collection Posts

This solution (from 2015) may be promising but @thesergie uses so much jargon in his answer I’m not sure if it does what I’m looking for (I’m not sure what it does at all — what are “dynamic list ranges”?): Customise a template

This solution (from 2017) is similarly confusing: Can I create a custom CMS collection template?

I know this is on the Wishlist and I’ve voted for it, but it’s disheartening that such a basic necessity is more than 3 years in the asking, and we apparently don’t have a fix yet.

Hello @MarkBult

I know what you mean about this and I feel you.

I suggested a couple of solutions to another member of the forum a while ago, but I can’t find the thread. Anyway, I’m going to write them down here:

At the end it’ll depend on how many case studies you want to design to be unique.

  1. If you want to design every single one case studies to be unique I’d suggest to not use the CMS for this purpose and create static pages for them and maybe only use the CMS for editing or other things like blogs, etc.

  2. If you want to have a couple of different designs for the same collection I’d suggest to create those designs in the template and wrap everything from the first design option in a div called, let’s say design-wrapper-1 and the second design option design-wrapper-2 and so on and show those designs with conditional visibility activated by a switch in your collection called Design 1 and Design 2 and so on.

I hope this makes sense and helps a bit in your process.

P.S. I’m working on a clonable template to show my second point.

I’d pretty much resigned myself to having to do #1, which I started on already.

Option #2 is pretty interesting but not really flexible enough for my needs. Might be able to use that workaround somewhere else though.

Thanks for the suggestions, @aaronocampo. I’d love to hear if other people have any others.