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Stopping nav stretching to fit dropdown menu



This site has a dropdown menu (talent). When the menu list comes down, the navigation above stretches as the menu is wider. I would like the nav to not move when the list come down. ie If I set the minimum width of the menu to 0 that keeps everything still but the text is then too wide.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @sparky, I reviewed your project. I am adding a video for your review.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks very much for this. Appreciate you taking the time.

Should there be sound? The video plays silently for me so difficult to tell how you made the changes?


Sorry for the delay, here is the updated video with sound:


Hi Brandon,

Thanks so much! I hate to take up more of your time but having followed those steps I still seem to be getting that jump. It’s like the nav has to open up slightly to accommodate the dropdown.

If you do get any chance to have a look that would be amazing!


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Hi Brandon, just a quick note to say I think I’ve sorted out that jump. Thanks again for all your help!

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Seems like my optimism was premature! Originally fixed this by adding padding to the specific nav link but had to take this out as the client has asked for the down arrow to be removed.

Any help with stopping the jump on ‘talent’ when the dropdown appears would be much appreciated.


Hi @sparky, I would suggest to give your dropdown toggle and your drop down list the same width in pixels, say 100px. I made a quick video:

I hope this helps

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Thanks very much Dave!