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Storing different variables for different products in CRM


How do I store variables for product which have different variables associated with them?

So a product (in product collection) would reference a category and a brand (from the category and brand collections respectively).
And each product would have there own variables associated with it.
a Bike would have variables such as bike size, wheel size, brake type, etc..
a Supplement might have variables for each of the ingredients.

Preferably I would like to have 1 product form to fill out as opposed to creating a collection for each product type (could be hundreds).

I am trying to think of the best way to go, I have not convinced myself on a particular method yet.
Any suggestions?


Would a "key features" section not work? You could use a rich text block as a base for creating bullet pointed lists which would outline the features, I'm not sure if this is what you mean but it's a possibility :smile:



You're right, it might be a good solution.
I am looking to keep the variables as individual as possible for manipulation in list comparisons.

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