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Strange semicolon at the bottom of the navigator

All of the sudden I have this semicolon at the bottom of the designer. See screenshot.

I checked for scripts and/or styles added with wrong syntax - but none of that.

Here’s my read-only link.
Unfortunately the semicolon shows up after I publish

Hey @new_work_city! Does the issue persist in incognito?

If so, possibly an extension is appending something to the DOM. Curious to see whether it persists!

I use safari, but if you meant private window, yes, it happens also there.
Strange behavior - it isn’t there when I open the designer, but only after I publish the page.

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Very odd. Tagging @rileyrichter / @Brando to see if they know what’s going on here!

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I don’t see the issue in or the html source. Did you find/fix the issue?

Nope, unfortunately it isn’t fixed. And like I said, it only happens after I publish, I have it also in other sites in Webflow.

I made a video so you can see it in action

Hey @new_work_city
A fix for this has been pushed out. Please let us know if you still have the issue.
Thanks for reporting it.


hi @matthewpmunger - it seems like it is fixed. Thanx a lot, much appreciated :pray:

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