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Strategic Collections Structure/Avoid Items Limit

Maybe I’m jumping into the deep end with Webflow (also my first topic in the Webflowrum). But while Collection building blocks seem (impressively) straightforward and robust, I will quickly run up against even the Business Plan’s 10,000 items limit. My theatre example:

  • 250 shows
  • 20 performances each (will need to make their way to a calendar)
  • 20 characters each (reference one of 500 artists)

Boom, 10,000+ items. Is there a craftier way for me to get around this? :pleading_face:


P.S. I assume fields replacing Collections would be the first (only?) next step. However, performances, characters, etc. can also exceed fields and references limits (40 and 10?).

@Zeke8990 I will say you are correct. 10,000 recs is nothing. I’ve been working as a developer for many years an 10k is nothing. used to millions of recs. Now I have focused more on the web and WF. You need to build a good dB design and I can’t se how to keep the numbers down except deleting old shows.

Sigh, that is what I’m afraid of. I have been leading the hype train for Webflow on my team, but rough start …