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Stripe blocked the account 🤯


After being live for a week and selling products. Stripe has without warning closed the account.
Reason being is one of the products contains CBD.
After communicating with them back in forth, I understand that I will have to look for a different payment processor.

Any suggestions?!

Here is the site I’m talking about


Hello @Eli11

It’s sad because people can buy cigarettes and alcohol…man. Maybe you can try using @foxy !?

Hope this helps.

Piter :webflow_heart:


Thank you. I will look into it


@PiterDimitrov Thanks for the mention.

@Eli11 Looks like you’ve already emailed us, butI thought I’d post here to benefit the community. Foxy supports the selling of CBD related products and we have gateway partners we can connect you with who handle high-risk merchants.