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Stripe e-commerce

Good evening. I’m currently adding an e-commerce to a client’s website. Is it possible to add this “Stripe” account for merchant’s sales on my own? Or will he need to add it himself?

I have always added my clients account. They normaly give me the password

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Thanks for that information. I have another question. Is it possible to add a merchant service for payment via banks that offer this? My client is looking to add a true merchant service. But the bank needs to know if Webflow has a gateway to be able to do this. I’d looked at the payment options. But all that I’ve seen so far are, Paypal and Stripe.

You can only use Stripe and Payapal with Webflow

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Thanks for the reply. Sucks that Webflow limits you to only two options. It also sucks that they make you pay extra to not have their branding on the customer’s receipt for e-commerce. I’m going to add Stripe to their account. It seems to be the better option for International and overall website integration. Thanks much for your help.

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