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Student Discount related Questions | Email, main accounts, hosting, etc

Hello, Webflow users!

Name’s Georgy, and I’m a WIP freelancer. I’ve heard about Webflow a long time ago and since then I was really hyped up about it. Recently, I jumped into ‘The Freelancer’s Journey’: I’m lovin’ it!

However, I’ve stumbled upon a huge problem: I couldn’t continue my education due to a 2-pages limit. I obviously used a free account and no site plan, so it would make sense to choose the easiest way to continue this deep dive into this freelancing/design/memetic course: pay for the subscription. I started crawling across the web to find an optimal (ahem, cheap) way to pay for it. I found out that Webflow offers 90% off on a Website CMS plan for students. “Oh my, this is awesome,” I thought to myself, so I submitted the necessary form.

The only thing left is to wait for the reply from the team, but one another thought override my head drive: I need to create a new account with my @edu mail, but can I change it to the primary one? Can I get a discount on my main account which I’m using right now? If not, can I merge two accounts together, so I can keep the website I’ve made while walking across the amazing team while my Freelancer’s Journey (pun intended)?

I’ve contacted the team, but I still didn’t get a reply. I guess I’ve missed their message which I found just now that they working remotely and cannot reply as fast as usual (hope I understood it right). However, I didn’t get any automatic email that my, ahem, the ticket is going through the support. I know, I know, who likes automatic no-replies, but I just want to be sure that I’m doing everything correctly/properly.

Also, I’m curious about the discount itself: is it only for one site - one year, or there is no time limit, but I should just pay annually for the hosting?

Anyway, I hope this information can be answered here, so other people who want to apply for the student discount could find the answer for a similar question right here (better mention it in FAQ).

Thanks for your reply in advance!

Sorry for this long arse post, but I hope my unfunny jokes could make ya day!

TL;DR: Can a student discount apply to my main account? If not is it possible to change an email on an account created with @edu mail?