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Style Tab Content


Im trying to style tab content and add elements (like adding headings and pictures to tab panes), like in the tutorial step 4 . When I try to do this I get the error "only tab panes can be moved inside of a tab content holder". How do I add things like headings and lists to inside a tab pane? I simply want to style the content that appears when a user clicks on the tab. I don't think you should need to see the site to answer a basic question like this, but every time I ask a question they ask for a link prior to engaging. The tabs are on the investment and teacher's retirement pages.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Looks like you created 2 posts for this and the other one had an answer. I am going to enlist this thread unless you still need an answer. In the future please only post 1 thread for a particular problem.



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