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Styles for different mobile screen sizes (320px, 375px, etc)?



is there a way to create more than just one mobile screen class?

For example, many phones have a screen width of 320px. But the iphone 6 / 7 is at 375px, while the iphone 6/7 plus is at 414px screen width.

Currently (as far as I know), webflow only lets you create 1 style for all of these screens.

You can preview other screen sizes, but that doesn't help much if you find out that your 320px design looks shitty on 375px, but if you change it to look good on 375px, it'll looks shitty on 320px...


As far as i know you can only do one mobile screen design.

I must say though, you can make the website on different mobile devises look identical if you use VH/VW measurements. You might also want to try out %.

From how you know different px width values for different mobile devises I assume you are using fixed width values for your website on mobile version. This is not recommended since it disrupts the purpose of 'mobile friendly'.

Hope this helps. :wink:

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