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Styling Rich Text in CMS


Sorry. I found a discussion on the subject, but it has been closed, and I don't understand how to solve this.
My blog post template contains rich text. From what I gather, you can't style the rich text element, but you can assign H1, H2, H3... for headers and style them elsewhere.
A few questions:
1. If the posts is already ready, will the changes in style of H1, H2, H3... will affect the design in the post? I don't succeed in doing so.
2. When I style an H1, H2, H3... element, Webflow assign it a class. Isn't that means I'm styling the class and not the H1, H2, H3... element?
3. What happens with other elements? Paragraph, text etc. ? Are they styled in CMS just like regular (not CMS) objects?

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See the "styling nested elements" section of this Help Center article:


Thanks, jmw. This is helpful.

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