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Styling Text: Different Underline/Strikethrough Color than Text Color


Is there any way of changing the color of strike through effect on type?


Hey @Tasos_Koutsofavas to add a strikethrough of a different color than the text color, you need to do the following:

  1. Style some text, and add a strikethrough color of your choice.

  2. Double click & add a span tag to the copy you'd like to have as a different color, then choose a color for the text.

  3. This also works for underlines wink

Have fun!
Let me know if you have any questions please. smile Feel free to clone & play around. smile


Thank very much for your reply but i can not do it frowning it seems that the text changes color all together


For underline you can also use a bottom border and color it.


Alright ! I finally made it work ! Thanx @Waldo :smile:


I am doing this but it changes the entire font colour. What am I doing wrong?


Hey @Hamzster did you try cloning the site and playing with it? Are you using span tags?


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